These are in no particular order.

Hobo hide-out. Only carpeted patient room I saw in the entire building.

2nd floor hallway.

Doctors office downstairs near the waiting room.

Hallway from the waiting room area to patient rooms.

Old lab?

Near the maternity ward. The baby viewing area is to the right where the shattered windows are.

Here they are.

Stairwell between 1 and 2.

Time clock downstairs near the waiting room.

Bathroom in one of the patient's rooms.

Moss growing on the carpet where the roof is leaking.

Storage room?

Hallway upstairs.

Stairwell in the middle of the building. The only light comes from a skylight.

Where a nurse's station used to be.

One of my favorites. Water damage.

East nurse's station on the 2nd floor.

Hallway downstairs.

Another hallway.

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