Fourth Creek is full of interesting stones, which in recent time have been the target of vandals. Besides being kicked in half, crypts have been opened and monuments upturned.
The bible says that "the dead know nothing" and I'm thankful for that, but it's still a crime, and a shame that no one respects anything anymore.
Anyway, here's the tour.

Some of the graves are victims of nature too.

James Hall and wife Prudence Roddy. Born in Ireland, married in Penn. Came to NC in 1752. Ancestors of more than (illegible) and 30 (38?) ministers. Erected (illegible).

The large red building is the town's synagogue.

Andrew Yates, A native of Aberdeen Scotland who departed this life 25th January, 1804, aged 28 years.

In memory of William Howard, who departed this life October 23rd, 1842 (1842 has scratch marks over it for some reason). Left a wife and infant daughter to mourn his death. He was born 15th October 1821 and was the beloved son of his parents from his birth to his death. Was greatly beloved by all that knew him. He in his last moments bid his friends farewell with a smile that he soon would be happy, and all must meet him there.

Another example of nature destroying graves.


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