Tucked away, almost hidden in the house are what would have been considered piles of trash. They aren't so much trash now as they are interesting little clumps of information about when people were living in the house- they give glimpses into life within the walls and without, in the surrounding community.

It would be impossible to photograph everything, but I hope to provide a nice cross section of what I found.

First was this program from the Statesville Holiday Follies of 1948

"Cast aside all cares and worries, and come with us into the world of music and mirth as we usher in the Holiday season."

This was the sponsorship page of businesses who contributed to the Follies, as well as a tiny program listing in the middle.

This is the "Children's Signature Page", and I suppose it is an autograph from everyone who participated in the show.

A message from the president of the junior service league.

More sponsors. The G.L. Wilson Building Co. (bottom left corner) is still alive and kicking.

On some loose scrap papers were these whimsical little drawings of faeries.

And/or ballerinas. I can't tell the difference.


This was in with some old rotting magazines. Wrigley's Skin Balm.

This is a graduation announcement for a college in Salisbury in 1950.

A Check to Western Hay & Grain Company, written in 1935 for $191.46. It was apparently never cashed.

And, here's the bathroom for no reason.

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