No harm in showing this since it's been barred over.

Entrance into the kitchen/cafeteria. Can't you just see the woman standing behind the desk waiting for you to pay?

Once inside there's plenty of old stoves and machines to keep you interested.

Including two walk in freezers with giant metal doors.

It seems they left all of their trays.

I tried this scale out- it works.

One of the storage rooms in the basment was full of items like this, including old stomach pumps and centrifuges.

If you ever see something like this, don't be too alarmed, it's just a dead spider covered in mold, not some new species. It's so wet in the basement that these tend to be very abundant.

The X-Ray room in the basement is for the most part stripped. The dividers for the x-ray techs is still there but otherwise, it's an empty room.

Looking down into one of the more severely flooded areas you can see the bottom of an elevator shaft. The elevator it's self is there if you feel like wading through ankle deep water.

I have no idea what these are- they were little plastic balls littered in a corner near the X-ray room. Someone has suggested these are part of a hydrotherapy machine but I frankly know very little about medical equipment so as far as I'm concerned they are some eccentric doctor's plastic ball collection.


I can't remember exactly where this tiny little Sterilizer was so I have grouped it with the basement, though I tend to want to believe it was on the first floor instead. Anyway...

Check out the note on it. Older than I am.

I'll leave this one to your imagination.

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