The Battleship U.S.S North Carolina lies permanently docked in Wilmington. It saw action in the Pacific theater of operations during World War 2. For more info check out

This is, of course, a tourist attraction first and foremost, but on quiet days you can wonder about the ship alone.


This is the ship's bell from an entirely different U.S.S. North Carolina- the apparent predecessor to this ship.

The caretaker basically has his own area in the captains quarters where he spends the night. It's interesting to note that he has written a book about his experiences on board the ship and the "ghosts" that inhabit it. A copy of said book can be purchased on the battleship's homepage for anyone interested.

One of the "off limits" areas. Just peeking in.

View of the waterfront from the front of the ship.

One of the few Kingfisher float planes still in existence today, beautifully preserved and on the deck.

The island across from the battleship, though not in use now, was at one time some sort of dock.

Most of the crew areas downstairs are behind glass, but that wont stop you from getting a good look at everything.

Some are also furnished with items which would have been common at the time the ship was in service. The overall affect is somewhat creepy.

This is part of the sick bay/operating room. The green flash at right is a glare on the glass which keeps visitors from disturbing the scene.

These are barrels which were used to store powder for launching shells. Apparently it took about six of these to fire one round from the deck guns.

Some sort of radio- possibly for communicating within the ship. Since I was exploring without a guide I'm not absolutely sure.

Crew quarters. Imagine being crammed into this space with dozens of other sailors.

An office of some sort.

Some areas were furnished with these cutouts, which were to suppose to represent crewmen in everyday pursuits. I personally found them a bit distracting.

I believe this was either a mail room or a supply office of sorts.

Part of the mess hall/ dining area.

A kitchen area. (above and below)


This particular set of stairs was difficult to photograph. My camera (which is digital) cut off twice near this spot and presented an error message which I had never seen before or since. Some people would claim ghostly influence, but I tend not to believe that, though one's imagination could easily get the better of them while wandering about alone in a ship this size.

Exactly what it says it is. Or at least, the gauge for it.

The engines apparently don't work anymore.

Machinery. Your guess is as good as mine.

More machinery.

Inside of one of the deck guns.

And another view of the deck.

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