As of April 2006, it looks like someone has leased out at least part of the old plant. It's nice to see an old building get some use rather than sit empty for years and eventually fall apart.

Burlington Industries used to be a major employer in Statesville, but the company went bankrupt and ended up closing down this plant, which was designated a Super Fund site and eventually cleaned up.

I suppose it's still for sale but the website doesn't exist.

I suppose the main office...

Another adjacent building. Alarm systems on both.

Turnstile with the nice speaker mounted there. I tried calling in but no one was home.

I'm not a fence hopper and this place really isn't abandoned, so I stopped here. BUT, quite honestly this place we be falling in and wide open in a couple of years, and I have the patience to wail until then. Empty buildings like this in this town are either demolished or become eyesores.

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