My great grandparents actually lived in this house in the 60's for a brief period, so finding it was sort of special. Unfortunately, I hadn't planned for and merely stumbled upon it. being that far away from home I bought a disposable camera to document the place, which I think didn't turn out to be a very bad choice- it really caught the atmosphere of the place.

Unfortunately, not much is left of the house but the foundation.

And two chimneys. What happened to the rest of the house is a mystery to me. If it fell in on it's self someone salvaged the wood.

The barn's still in decent shape though.

Inside there are bits and pieces, like this broken jug. I also found an ice pick laying outside.

The loft is pretty much inaccessible.

And last; a chicken coop. My great aunt apparently used this as a play house when my great grandparents lived here.

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