Because of the fantastic condition of this particular ghost town, I'm not going to say exactly where it's at. As for it's history, it was once a mill town- the houses, company store, and dam were all built to benefit the mill by the company that owned it. The folks who worked in the mill of course lived in said houses.

I believe the mill was first constructed around 1905. I don't know if that original building is still standing.

I don't know the exact date the place was abandoned.

We'll start with the houses. They may look somewhat different, but for the most part the insides are built similarly.

This one was built a little differently than some of the other ones. It was split into two identical sections. I'm guessing two families occupied this one.

One of the houses is literally running over with cardboard boxes full of socks. I guess we know what the mill manufactured.

Before we go inside, here's an old fire hydrant. Don't make 'em like that anymore.

I've been accused of taking too many shots of doorways. I feel that when a house is empty and has nondescript walls the doors can help tell the story a little better.

All the houses I looked at had these odd stairs. In order to get up them you have to climb onto the landing. I don't know if there was a step stool for them back when the houses were in use, but it seems that there must have been some less awkward way of getting on the stairs.

Looking up a set of stairs.

Here's what an upstairs/attic looks like.

An old fireplace.

This was in one house. It has a stake on the bottom. I'm guessing it's some sort of (seasonal?) lawn ornament. From the expression I would guess he's singing a Christmas carol.

The mill.

From the side.

Up close. I didn't even step on the porch. There are new signs on the doors for an alarm system. Someone must still have an interest in keeping this place up. If I can figure out who I'm going to have to try to get permission to see the insides of the mill and the company store.

Part of the dam. If you go up the stairs at the end of the wall..

You get a nice view of the dam and the creek.

And also part of the town.


I have more pictures of this place, but they are on an unfinished roll at moment. As soon as it's used up and developed I'll add them here. I think most of them are of the front of the company store.


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