I'm not going to say exactly where this school is, but it's in the Rowan county area. My best guess is that (because of it's size) it was either a small elementary or else private school.

Lots of furniture, chairs, desks, you name it.

Some graffitti- not as much as one would expect.

Auditorium: from the stage.

The stage. One of the first rooms I looked at- it didn't occur to me until after I left that I hadn't been up the stairs. I did take a look though- the panel the stairs lead to was closed.

The cross there was probably used for collecting tithes. It's part of the reason I believe this was a private school or maybe after it was a school, a church of some sort. The top of the cross has an envelope sized slot and there is a locked door in the middle where the beams meet. Someone was as curious as I was about the possible contents of the cross and had broken it open.

I found a bag of pictures that had been there for quite some time. I assumed they might belong to someone who had squatted in the building at one time or another. The handle in the top of the picture is a crude weapon someone made.

Yard sale waiting to happen.

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