Out in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Iredell county is a simple little bridge across a tiny little creek. For reasons no one can explain, it's supposed to be "haunted".

The prevailing legend is something to the effect that if you park your car on the far side of the bridge, toss some baby powder on the back windshield, put the car in neutral, and glide backwards, small handprints will appear on your back glass.

Where this legend came from is lost to the ages, but the absurd explanations I've heard are that there was either A) a group of midgets who lived and died near the spot, or B) Devil worshiping cult members who sacrificed things in the creek below.

People now commonly refer to it as "Munchkin Land".

I'm inclined to believe neither, having talked to people who have lived near the bridge for years and seen neither head nor tail of these supposed "little people", but with a name like "Munchkin Land", I figured it was worth checking out. Boy, I was wrong.

So here's the bridge- just a simple one lane wooden crossing, over a tiny creek, at the bottom of a hill, on a dirt road.

It's not completely made of wood- the supports on the bank are concrete, and the underside of the bridge is lined with steel girders.

I decided to check out the underside. Not much to see- just the normal; beer bottles, graffiti, assorted trash.

The peaceful little creek. I actually was more interested in exploring it, but didn't really have the time.

Looking up onto the bridge. A car went over as I was underneath and it was deafening.

Looking out into the creek.

My personal explanation for this "haint" story is tied to the fact that the bridge is on a dirt road. I noticed coming out of it my car was completely covered in dust. If you had touched your windshield anywhere before driving down it you would likely see the handprints afterwards.

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