What I believe is the machine shop area.

The door on the right is a room filled with garbage and old furniture. The whole area is littered with machine parts and old diagrams.

If you were to turn 180 degrees from where the last picture was taken and were able to light up the room (in this case with a high power camera flash), this is how things would appear. Notice the cabs there on the right peeking into the photo. I believe they are either for forklifts or some other small sort of construction vehicle.

About the diagrams I mentioned...here is one for what I would guess is a washing machine.

But the most alarming find was patient records.
It seems a good fourth of all the files I picked up were from one patient, and all were marked "destroy", though obviously no steps were taken to destroy them. I can't help wonder if there's a lawsuit somewhere in that soggy pile of patient records.


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