The front of the building with the section in use on the far right.

Heading towards the left, down the driveway towards the back.

The back- what was once a parking lot.

A view from further back.

A suspended hall between two buildings. Lots of debris here which suggests that when the hospital was being worked on sometime back, a dumpster was here or garbage was tossed into this "alley".

You can take a peak in the kitchen around the side, but because people were exploiting the opening, someone decided to bar the window.

The generator room around the side of the building.

It is connected underground by a small access tunnel for pipes and electrical wires, which is accessible from the surface by the manhole sized break in the pavement seen in this photo on the bottom towards the right.

Connected to the generator building is this tower, which is where I believe fuel was stored for the boilers.

You can climb it if you want, but I'm not, and I don't recommend it.

Here's the top of the boiler room from the hospital's second floor.

Heading around front towards the pediatric clinic. Rumor has it that part of this area caught fire during the filming of The Boneyard, but I haven't seen any evidence of this.
Looking to the left you can see the side of the section still in use, and if you look very closely, an autoclave in the 4th window from the left on the second story.

And here's the front of the pediatric clinic.

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