It really is amazing what one can find in the Goodwill. And for only a quarter mind you.

What makes the story of this book all the more interesting however is the conclusion...
Being somewhat distressed that such an interesting piece of someone's family history was thrown in a donation box at the Goodwill I begin searching for information about this particular line of Pages and posting messages on genealogy websites and message boards looking for contacts who may know something about it.
Not terribly long after my frenzy of posts and e-mails I received a short letter from direct family of the Pages listed in this bible, who I began communicating with. They are as dumbfounded as I was that the bible would have found it's way to the Goodwill and still apparently don't know who owned it or where it came from, but feeling quite satisfied I had learned all there was to know about this worn out book, I returned it to it's rightful place, and mailed it to the Mr. and Mrs. Page who I had been corresponding with, feeling very much like I had accomplished something that (if not great) was at least commendable.

On the page before Psalms is the history of the "Page" family, dating from the mid 1800s, which looks like is was written with a quill pen.


Below are some of the different little bits and pieces found inside the pages of the bible:

From the New Randolph Hotel and Dining Room in D.C.

I had to play with this photo to get the words, which were in pencil, to show up. It is a handwritten note about the power of prayer.

An autograph or else a calling card of one "J Pink Turner".

Another calling or perhaps "funeral" card?

And yet another name card.


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