I was looking for info about a couple of places here in Statesville and came across a book that chronicles the town's past on E-Bay. I've known about the book for some time but they are hard to find and the people who have them tend to hold on to them, so it of course was my luck that I find it when I have no money. But moving on...

I ran a search of E-Bay for Statesville and came across this postcard.

Davis Hospital as it looked before any major additions. I checked and there are 3 other sellers with one of these. I also checked all three wondering if there was anything on the reverse side but all three sellers have unused postcards, which is unfortunate. But, it's quite interesting to be able to peer into the past and see the hospital while it was still a living breathing entity.

You can find some amazing things if you take the time to look. That should be a UE mantra.

(also, here's a more recent find- an actual photograph postcard.)

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