"...we have great pleasure in presenting herewith an accurate picture of him, drawn by our special artist, who was so fortunate as to get a view of him a few days ago."
-Landmark article: September 4th, 1890

Whatever the Santer was, it's no doubt in it's day it stirred up a lot of news, rumors, and fear. Quite a few articles about it can be found by visiting a local library that has a copy of the Iredell Heritage books.

September 11, 1890
THAT BEAST: There is a good deal of news this week about the strange animal which has lately created such a sensation among us, but it is in the main indefinite. it has been reported, within the past week, in Cool Spring township and at Sharpe's mills, and our Amity Hill correspondent gives some news about it. It seems to be circling out from town. It was reported on the streets Monday that Bill Newland and Wes. Stevenson had captured it Saturday night and had it for dinner Sunday, but this is positively untrue. There is a good deal of indignation against the mayor of the town because he does not call out the Iredell Blues to hunt it. Jo White, who is posted in zoology, is reported to have expressed the opinion that it is one of these Paynters, (Panthers) that jump out of trees on folks, but the community generally has settled down to the belief that it is a Santer.

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