I'm pretty sure this is called the Shinville Graveyard. If it is, then this is the place where it is rumored that there is not only a witch buried, but a witch who's apparently restless. The tale is that on some nights you can see her walking about the graveyard. As for me, I didn't see any witch, but there's lots of local history here, and a healthy dose of lizards living in the cemetery wall.

I did notice lots of children's graves. One family plot in particular had about 4 or 5 children who died exceptionally young. You can't begin to imagine how the mother and father coped with losing so many in the course of their lives.

Front gate. This is a well kept cemetery. People still bury their family here.

Over the back wall, looking towards the front.



Will thou not miss me from thy side
When twilight's hour hath come
Will it not seem a desert place
The paradise of home
O soothe the little throbbing heart
That asks for me in vain
And say that in the far off heaven
It's mother lives again


This lovely bud, so young so fair.
Called home by early doom.
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom.

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