If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times; people throw out all sorts of things when they donate books to thrift and Goodwill stores.

Any unassuming paperback or novel could contain treasures unseen for years, and all just waiting for the right person to pick them up and casually thumb through the pages.

These are the contents of a boring old spelling dictionary I happened upon in the Statesville Goodwill.

The book. Nothing interesting really. I'm still not sure why I picked it up.

One of the first pictures to spill out. No name on the back, just "1971".

This photo is also only labeled "1971".


"To dear Papa". It's signed "Celeste".

"Celeste Hall November 1971,  age 12 and a half".
It seems this and the black and white shot above are obviously the same girl, and the first three are her two sisters and her brother.

Lastly, there was this large photo. It has "Jay Hall" and "please return" on the back. The paper to the right is a funeral program for the same man.
Possibly the grandfather or even father of the children?

If anyone knows these people, I would be happy to return the photos provided they still want them.

I would assume they were thrown out accidentally.

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