This is the Troutman Family Cemetery. Buried within are not only the pioneer family that settled the area the town of Troutman was built in, but extended family, reaching all the way into the present.

This place is also the site of a Troutman family reunion in August when the extended family of the original Troutman's get together. I know this because a friend whose actually a part of that extended family (and who has lots of ancestors here) was with me on this trip.

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Main gate. It was built (if I recall correctly) by Jacob Troutman Jr., the son of the eldest Troutman pioneer, Jacob Sr.

Some more recent graves. Notice the rough stones towards the wall.

All of them are more or less unmarked except by an identifying number on the ground. I assume there are records for most of them, but according to the person I was with, at least some of them are unknowns.

This is Jacob junior's grave. I believe he is the smith who made the front gate.

A one room school house which has been moved here for preservation purposes.

The sign reads  "Troutman Family Historical Association Building".

Through the window.


Also, on the other side is the old train station, which was moved here as well. Sign reads "Atlantic, Tennessee and Ohio Railroad Depot 1861".

The side.

In a window (explains the blur in the middle).




What I was really looking for on this trip was the Troutman homestead, which sits abandoned in the woods about a mile from the graveyard. We were unable to find it though.

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