Francis Garrou high School sits in the pleasant near-mountain community of Valdese. It served the community for many years as both high and middle school, but at some point was abandoned for a new school serving a larger area of the county. It is rumored that the school is going to eventually be torn down to make way for a bed and breakfast, but you know how that goes- it could be here for 10 more years.

When I first visited the school about a year ago everything was wide open, but on a recent trip back I discovered a no trespassing sign had been put up, so I haven't been back again.

Here's the front of the school. Date reads MCMXXXVII. Motto: "Education Is The True Foundation Of Civil Liberty".

Heading around back..

And then around the other side...

From the road...

The first classroom I checked out.

If you step out into the hallway you are confronted on one side by this and on the other by a couple more doors and some stairs. I thought I would check out the other classrooms before trying to traverse this "hallway".

For the most part they are all open spaces with piles of desks in them and little else. It appears even the blackboards were salvaged. The desks apparently were not worth the effort even though they all appear very sturdy if not a little old fashioned in design.

More desks..

This was my favorite classroom. The yellow walls (whether they were that way from age or intentionally I don't know) gave it an entirely different atmosphere.

Finally venturing out into the other hall I quickly saw that even though walls were missing, it was more of the same.

There was caution tape around this spot but someone removed it and threw it across the other side. I didn't feel like risking my neck to put it back up.

I think this was probably where the main office was as it is most central and next to the front door, though no markings remain on the doors.

Speaking of the front door, here it is.

The only thing on the other side of the wall-less hallway was this classroom. I squeaked over rotten floors for a single classroom.

Here's the girls bathroom.

And here's the boys. It appears they salvaged some of the toilets.

I decided to head upstairs after the let down, here's the set of stairs I didn't bother trying.

The other set of stairs I didn't bother trying.

Third time's the charm.

The hallway upstairs though had a floor which I trusted less than the one downstairs, so I just decided to tell myself all the classrooms upstairs were identical to those downstairs. I intended to go back eventually, but the no trespassing sign is up now, and I respect that.

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