This building wasn't as deserted as I assumed it was- the fact that the lights were on gave that away. I just can't figure what it's used for; the feeder mechanism on the waterfront looks like it hasn't been used in a very long time and the only thing in the building were piles of what looked like dry cement.

Walking up the long driveway.

The buildings in the distance are across the river.

The piles of the "dry cement" substance with my cousin on the right. We both looked at (but were wary of touching) whatever it was and couldn't identify it.

Roof, with the lights on.

View back out the door from inside.

This panel was interesting. It looks like it still works and is labeled with things like "421" (the highway the building is on), and "feeder".

Outside, here's a view of the feeder mechanism coming out of the building.

Here's where it leads on the river front.

Here's the chute. Notice the shiny new electrical box. Odd, considering it doesn't look like the rest of it even works.

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